The Cornell Amateur Radio Club (CARC), W2CXM, is a group of undergraduates, graduates, and other members of the Cornell and Ithaca community whose common interest is the hobby of amateur radio. Amateur radio activity at Cornell University dates as far back as 1915, under the callsign “8XU.” Formed in 1949, the CARC has been licensed under the callsign “W2CXM” since 1951. The CARC is affiliated with the American Radio Relay League and is funded annually by the Student Activities Finance Commission.

Cornell's radio club has a complete station available for use by its members 24 hours a day. Our capabilities include SSB (voice) Digital (RTTY,PSK,APRS,ETC..) , and CW (Morse code) communication of HF (1.8 - 30 MHz) and FM, SSB, and CW on 2 meters (144 - 148 MHz) as well as equipment for short-wave listening. The club has a 2 meter repeater operating on 146.610 MHz to aid in providing reliable local communications.

W2CXM has had successful two-way communication with radio amateurs in well over 250 countries around the world including such places as Uganda, Mongolia, Antarctica, Qatar, Nepal, and Ghana. The club participates in amateur radio competitions for sport and emergency preparedness, both national and international, which test the operating skills of the competitors and the performance of equipment.

The CARC also uses its equipment to provide a number of public services. During natural disasters, members have aided in handling messages to and from afflicted areas. The club has also provided “phone patches” allowing national or international communications using only a local phone call for a student and his or her family. Locally, club members can assist in communications during emergencies, walkathons, races, etc., using our 2 meter repeater. All public services of the CARC are voluntary and free of charge.

Events and Projects


Weekly meetings for the Spring 2015 semester are Tuesdays, 1700-1800 local time in Barton 401.

Minutes and photographs from these meetings are available here.

Ongoing Projects

As of Spring 2013, we are encouraging club members to learn Morse code, in preparation for building small Morse code radios!

Other projects include radio direction finding equipment, antenna building, and radio equipment maintenance. CARC is part of Cornell's disaster response plan (with regards to communications) so we have to make sure our equipment is in functioning order. CARC is a great place to get engaged with highly technical community service opportunities.


Weekly nets for the Spring 2013 semester are Mondays, 2000-2100 local time on the 146.61 repeater.

A rough agenda as is follows:

  • Check-in
  • Traffic
  • CW Practice (thanks to WB2EMS)
  • On-net game, i.e. Chess, Go, or Battleship


Membership in the Cornell Amateur Radio Club is open to students, staff and faculty with amateur radio licenses. If you don't have a license, come out to our meetings and we'll set you on the right track to get one and join in all the activities. Even if you don't have a license, we encourage you to come to meetings and take part in activities!

Mailing List

The club has a mailing list that is used by members for club announcements and club related traffic. To subscribe to this list, send a message to lyris@cornell.edu with “join hamradio-l <your name>” on a single line in the body of the message. For more information on e-lists at Cornell, see CIT's instructions.

Officer Roster

All officers can be reached at callsign@w2cxm.org, where callsign is all lower-case.

Position Officer Callsign
President Jon Tse KC2WAC
Vice President Stephen LongfieldKC2WAB
Secretary Matthew Skeels KF7VEM
Treasurer Matthew Skeels KF7VEM
Advisor & Callsign TrusteeAdam Mahnke KC2ANT
Club Elmer Kevin Feeney WB2EMS

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